Never Miss a Dose Again with Patchlet

Bringing Smart, Seamless Medication Management to Your Wrist


At Patchlet Accessories, founded by Mbhali Madonsela, we’re committed to transforming the way individuals manage their medication with our innovative wearable device, the Patchlet.

Designed to simplify and ensure medication adherence, the Patchlet combines medication storage, customizable reminders, data analytics, and direct communication with healthcare providers into a discreet, user-friendly watch.

Our mission is to enhance health outcomes and give users peace of mind by making their medication regimen effortless and reliable, ensuring that they never feel disconnected from the support they need to manage their health effectively.


What we are building

The Patchlet is not just a watch; it’s a lifeline. It features integrated medication storage, customizable reminders, comprehensive data analytics, and seamless communication with healthcare providers. This holistic approach allows users to maintain their medication schedule effortlessly, improving health outcomes and fostering better patient-doctor interactions.


Integrated Medication Storage

Keep your doses securely and discreetly on your wrist, accessible anytime.


Customizable Alert System

Set personalized reminders for each medication, ensuring you never miss a dose.


Advanced Data Analytics

Gain insights into your medication adherence patterns, helping you and your healthcare provider make informed decisions.

Direct Communication with Healthcare Providers

Stay connected with your healthcare team through built-in communication tools for real-time health monitoring and support.

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